Thursday, January 20, 2011

Day 07 - Your zodiac sign and if you think it fits your personality.

(Since I skipped Wednesday, I'm making up for it by doing 2 days today!)

Okay, up until this year, I've been a Capricorn. Which has worked out because I'm pretty much textbook. Now, though, the astronomical community has decided that there are actually 13 signs so they added one on to the end of the year called Ophiucus. Which suddenly makes me a Sagittarius instead. 

Which I'm not.

: /


  1. Yeah, everyone's all up in arms over the whole zodiac thing. It actually doesn't affect us at all. In fact, astrologers and astronomers have known about the shifting stars and 13th sign for forever, but every ten years or so someone else finds out about it and it gets into the news and everyone freaks out.
    In america, we follow the tropical zodiac, which is based around the seasons, not the shifting stars. So nothing has actually changed for anyone following this zodiac, which is pretty much most of the world.
    Sorry for the super long explanation haha, I just want to get the word out so people can calm down about it :)

  2. Oh. Well, then! Thanks for the explanation ahhaha


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