Thursday, January 12, 2012

Life lately.

I wish I could say I have internet again, but that's still not the case. It's a huge bummer, but we're moving in to a bigger place next month (yay!) and will hopefully get that back going soon. There is a lot to update on, but there isn't the time or means at the moment. Kaetana's birthday was a raging success, as I'm sure I mentioned before, as was Christmas, and she's been growing like a weed lately. She's gotten quite a bit taller, is a master walker/runner now and has truly developed the best personality ever. Hilarious, ferreals.

Here are some random photos off my phone to satiate your curiosity, if you have it. ;)
She loves this piano.
Playing outside at Grandma's
We're in trouble now... she learned how to climb the furniture!
My friend Ashley took me out to Margaritas on my birthday :)
Learning latches!
Christmas dress <3
See you later, bloggy friends. <3