Sunday, July 31, 2011

What She Wore v.2

I may be a teeny bit obsessed with the clothes from my work.
And the pond in my Grandparent's backyard is my new favorite photo backdrop.
It always serves me well, and Kaetana is so interested in it!
Maybe the next 'What She Wore' post, she'll be wearing something other than jeggins!
....but, ya know, probably not. ;)
Oh, and those pink high tops are from John's mom -- how CUTE are they?!
I sure do adore this little camera ham.
Shirt & Jeggins: The Children's Place
High Tops: Gift from John's Mom

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Like Mother, Like Daughter ♥

I wish I had a baby photo of John to put on the other side of Kaetana's.
She looks so much like I did, it's crazy.
Her eyes, though, are definitely John's which is great!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Can we please stop time now?

Because I seriously can't take this!
She stood up yesterday, but I didn't have the camera. 
My baby girl is getting too big, too fast.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

A little update

A lot's been happening lately, yet at the same time nothing has really been happening if that makes any sense haha. Basically I've been working two jobs and KILLING myself (today I worked 13 hours, fml) and on Monday I have an interview for job number three. Seriously? Where were all these offers when I was stressing out and looking every day?! I guess it just took everywhere a long time to call... Anyways, like I said, I have an interview on Monday at Waffles 'n More as a weekend server which would rule because I'd make bank and only have to work two days a week! Which would allow me the option of keeping both my other jobs and trying to coordinate a mutual day off at both, or leaving one and just sticking with two. I'm not sure what's going to happen yet since I haven't officially gotten the serving position but it's looking really positive at this point and I'm really hoping to get it! I'd rather be doing that than working two retail jobs which is what I'm doing right now. Today I only got to see Kaetana for an hour total, which is really depressing. That's another reason I'd like to get the serving job, because if I left one of my others I'd be working less total and still making the same (if not more) money so I'd be able to spend more time with her.

Know what would solve all this? If I would win the lottery!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Who needs a couch, anyways?

Kaetana discovered she really likes climbing on to things, and since we live in a teeny tiny apartment, we figured we'd go ahead and give her a little bit more play room by taking two of the cushions off the couch and letting her climb on up! So far, she's loving this new space and we're loving her happiness.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What She Wore v.1

I'm not stylish.
I don't have a closet full of super cute clothes I thrifted for a dollar,
and I don't wear amazing dresses all the time.
I wear jeans and whatever shirt looks clean on my floor.
I still don't fit in most of my pre-pregnancy clothes,
and until that happens I won't be posting any kind of style post about me.
But! Fear not, because I do have one very stylish (in my opinion) lady in my life 
and here she is what she wore yesterday:
What girl doesn't need a great pair of skinny jeans that makes her butt look that good?!
And, as always, we must promote the spread of peace.
Jeggings and Onesie: The Children's Place
Headband: Hobby Lobby
Oh, you also might have noticed that I watermarked these photos. I think I'm going to resume taking the extra step in editing and add it to all my photos again. It just feels better to me.

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Wordless{ish} Wednesday

{Sometimes, the fun's just too much.}

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The best part of wakin' up...

Is not, as Folgers would have you believe, a cup of coffee.
It's seeing this beautiful girl smiling up at me.
It's the excitement etched in to her features at my first, "Good morning!"
It's her little giggle and wiggle and arms up for me to hold her.
It's also this silly little face and those big blues.
Along with those too cute watermelon pj's.
Oh, how I love mornings with my sweetie!

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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Newborn Shoot: Baby Angelina

Today I got to shoot some photos of my new baby cousin, Angelina. She is so tiny and precious! I really liked taking these photos, and think they turned out pretty well if I do say so myself - especially seeing as they were done on my couch against a black sheet. haha
 Loving this sweet sleep smile!

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Second job, say whaaaat?

Swimsuit purchased at The Children's Place :)
Today I got a second job! It's at The Children's Place which is pretty awesome since I shop there all the time and could totally use the discount haha. I am so happy to have been hired, and definitely feel very lucky. The manager, Di, told me that she had over 400 applicants for the position! She ended up hiring 3 of us because her assistant manager is unexpectedly having to move in a few weeks, which is sad because I met her and she seemed really nice. But oh well more opportunity for me ;) The only thing I'm not too thrilled about is it's at the mall which means I'll be spending basically every day at that place now since I also work at Hot Topic. Oh well, sweet discounts and money coming in for my family is worth it!!

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wordless{ish} Wednesday

{I love my big eyed goober baby.}

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Kaetana - 7 months

Kaetana is now 7. Months. Old.
How the heck did that happen?!
She's growing beautifully and was actually sick this past week so we had a chance to find out how much she weighs when we took her to the doctor. She's 17 1/2 lbs which is so crazy to me haha where did my little 7 lb baby go?? Anyways, this month has definitely been the very best and I love how much she's learned and grown lately. She's super smart and it's always a chore trying to keep her entertained and interested!
This month Kaetana:

- started crawling(!)
- says ba-ba and ma-ma over and over again
- started laughing a little more
- is obsessed with Spongebob
- is extremely interested in all food, and has tried several new kinds including sweet potato fries, noodles and mashed potatoes
- has been able to sit herself up from a laying position a few times
- has two teeth and I think a couple more coming in
- can drink successfully from a Nuby sippy cup and LOVES it
- pulled herself up to standing once
I really am immensely proud of this sweet girl this month, and am THRILLED to see her future changes!! I am getting started on the early stages of planning her first birthday party now and it's really exciting. I think I've got the color scheme picked out so now it's just a matter of collecting the items I need! It's going to be tough because her birthday is smack dab in the middle of Thanksgiving and Christmas. Poor thing.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Feeding Herself

Kaetana has recently found new joy in feeding herself.
She's not too bad at it, either.
Here she is eating sweet potato fries I made her:
This girl LOVES food!
p.s. I'll be back with K's 7 month update later today or tomorrow. (hopefully)

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Friday, July 8, 2011

ditching the baby bathtub & a new camera!

So last week I decided I was fed up with that stupid plastic baby bathtub we've been using for Kaetana. It was so frustrating trying to bathe her in it because if we put her in the reclining side she was constantly trying to sit up and ending up rolling side to side! And then the "sit up" part was just a piece of crap, way too small and it just wasn't working for us. I was nervous about putting her in the bathtub and contemplated going and getting one of those inflatable tubs but figured it would be a waste of money. So my paranoid butt got in and scrubbed the tub out (feet germs freak me out) and we just filled it with like 2" of water and she LOVED IT.
She spent the entire bath happily splashing around and playing with her toys. So awesome and a lot easier to wash her this way! I'm really happy we made the switch to the big bathtub.
Oh, remember when I talked about that company picnic for John's work on the 4th? Well they raffled off a few cool things (couple tabletop grills, an ipod, and a camera) and guess what? We won the camera! It's a Casio EX-S200 which is really nice.
I was so excited because I gave my point and shoot to an old friend a couple years ago and missed the convenience of being able to pull it out of my purse any time I wanted. It's a lot more suited to every day use and I'm really looking forward to using it. It's 14.1 megapixels too, which is great! I couldn't be happier.

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wordless{ish} Wednesday

 {This was taken at the lake on the 4th of July. We went to John's company picnic and it turned out to be kind of a dud, to be honest. It was probably pretty good earlier on in the afternoon but John didn't get off work until 5:30 and we had a couple errands to run before we headed out there so I think we just caught the end of it. Oh well, it was still nice to get out and we took a walk and enjoyed the fresh air. Kaetana was pretty busy looking around at everything because it was new to her and it made me definitely want to go back there on our own soon! I think she'd like getting a little closer to the water, too. Plus it's just a beautiful place to begin with. Anyways, I loved these two photos of her and John together. I think they turned out perfectly!}

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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July Cake!

I'm super excited to share this cake with you. I made it for John's company picnic yesterday, and it turned out AMAZING.
Do love LOVE it?!
I got the recipe via Danielle's link post and was super excited to try it out.
Hope everyone had some delicious and patriotic treats yesterday! See you later. :)

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Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

From this morning, right after she woke up
Happy 4th, everybody! Today Kaetana and I are relaxing at home and enjoying the air conditioning while John is at work. Then we're off to a company picnic/fireworks viewing at the lake! I made a special cake for the occasion and will be posting all about the picnic and cake tomorrow. Have you taken a moment to thank the men and women that have sacrificed their lives to allow us to live in such a great country? I know it's not perfect, but really who is? ;) I hope everyone is having a great celebratory day eating lots of hot dogs and hamburgers, soaking up the sun and will be enjoying fireworks later this evening! I'm excited for Kaetana to see them (if she's awake) and to finally see them myself after a few years of missing them. See you tomorrow!
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