Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Kaetana - 7 months

Kaetana is now 7. Months. Old.
How the heck did that happen?!
She's growing beautifully and was actually sick this past week so we had a chance to find out how much she weighs when we took her to the doctor. She's 17 1/2 lbs which is so crazy to me haha where did my little 7 lb baby go?? Anyways, this month has definitely been the very best and I love how much she's learned and grown lately. She's super smart and it's always a chore trying to keep her entertained and interested!
This month Kaetana:

- started crawling(!)
- says ba-ba and ma-ma over and over again
- started laughing a little more
- is obsessed with Spongebob
- is extremely interested in all food, and has tried several new kinds including sweet potato fries, noodles and mashed potatoes
- has been able to sit herself up from a laying position a few times
- has two teeth and I think a couple more coming in
- can drink successfully from a Nuby sippy cup and LOVES it
- pulled herself up to standing once
I really am immensely proud of this sweet girl this month, and am THRILLED to see her future changes!! I am getting started on the early stages of planning her first birthday party now and it's really exciting. I think I've got the color scheme picked out so now it's just a matter of collecting the items I need! It's going to be tough because her birthday is smack dab in the middle of Thanksgiving and Christmas. Poor thing.

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