Sunday, July 31, 2011

What She Wore v.2

I may be a teeny bit obsessed with the clothes from my work.
And the pond in my Grandparent's backyard is my new favorite photo backdrop.
It always serves me well, and Kaetana is so interested in it!
Maybe the next 'What She Wore' post, she'll be wearing something other than jeggins!
....but, ya know, probably not. ;)
Oh, and those pink high tops are from John's mom -- how CUTE are they?!
I sure do adore this little camera ham.
Shirt & Jeggins: The Children's Place
High Tops: Gift from John's Mom


  1. Adorable!! Those little shoes with the skinny jeans...Ahh it is just too cute for words. . You work at Children's Place?! Oh my goodness, I'd never make it any money because it'd all be spent before i ever made it home with my paycheck.
    Oh and thanks for stopping by my blog,Mandy. I do take all of my daughter's pictures.

  2. Thanks! Yeah, working at The Children's Place is tough because I want to buy everything! :)


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