Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

From this morning, right after she woke up
Happy 4th, everybody! Today Kaetana and I are relaxing at home and enjoying the air conditioning while John is at work. Then we're off to a company picnic/fireworks viewing at the lake! I made a special cake for the occasion and will be posting all about the picnic and cake tomorrow. Have you taken a moment to thank the men and women that have sacrificed their lives to allow us to live in such a great country? I know it's not perfect, but really who is? ;) I hope everyone is having a great celebratory day eating lots of hot dogs and hamburgers, soaking up the sun and will be enjoying fireworks later this evening! I'm excited for Kaetana to see them (if she's awake) and to finally see them myself after a few years of missing them. See you tomorrow!
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