Thursday, June 30, 2011

Daisy Daze {epic photo dump}

I love this dress. Tana doesn't have any other green clothing so I wasn't aware of how adorable she looked in that color! It's my new favorite and it makes me want to run out and buy all the green things I see. Oh and we had to put a pillow behind her because it was really windy and she kept getting almost blown over haha
All these photos were taken in front of my Grandma's house. The idea was to get her daisies in the shots but they were too tall so only one actually ended up in any of them haha. We did give her one to play with though and got some photos before she ate it

I know these are all pretty overexposed, and I hate that! I need to learn how to use my camera in manual setting again because I've pretty much forgotten how to since my high school photography class. Plus I never learned on a digital camera anyways, I learned on my Minolta Maxxum 70 (love that camera, by the way, I need to buy some film for it!)

I love those little clips pictured above. I bought a pack hoping they'd stay in her hair because none of the other kind do. Her hair is really fine just like Johns and it bums me out! Hopefully they'll stay once it gets a little longer (and I can finally get a little ponytail in there, too!)
As you can see, she started getting grumpy and tired towards the end of our little photo shoot. This was the last photo we took and it's definitely one of my favorites. I really love when she gets all sleepy and starts rubbing her eyes, it's beyond cute!! And I'm loving having impromptu photo sessions with her, too. It's so fun.

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