Thursday, June 23, 2011

A tooth!

Well, it's official. Kaetana has her first tooth, and I'm totally freaking out at how fast she's growing. It's so cute, on the front bottom right side. (Does that make sense?) She's not too thrilled about the whole situation, though. She has been a total crab the past 5 days or so and the poor dear might have a few more days of discomfort as the tooth makes the last of its trip out of hiding. She's been chewing on everything she can get her hands on - including mine - and that little sucker is pretty sharp. We have this cool teether, though, that's shaped like a star and vibrates when she bites on it. That's her favorite thing as of right now, second only to a little smear of baby orajel. ;)

I can't believe she's over half a year old, and I still can't get over how much she's changed. She has begun eating a lot more "people" food and is loving it! We got her one of those mesh feeders a few weeks ago and she's obsessed with it. She's had strawberries, cantaloupe, raspberries, grapes, watermelon, black and red plum, apples, banana, pear and mango in it. This girl loves her fruit! I am going to put some cut up steamed carrots in it today and see what happens. She loves vegetables in pureed form so I'm sure she'll be just as happy. And now with that little tooth it will make food eating that much more enjoyable for her. :)

p.s. I'll try and get a photo of said tooth soon, but as of right now she's not cooperating with me.

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