Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Learning Sounds

Kaetana has been learning so much so fast lately! The other day we were hanging out and I thought I'd try and teach her a new sound, 'bah'. She hasn't really gotten in to the babbling stage yet and I wanted to scoot her along in to that because I really want to hear her say Mama and Dada! haha so anyways, we were working on it and she wasn't really understanding (she kept starting the 'b' sound and transitioning in to blowing raspberries instead.) We did it off and on for about 3 hours until she finally got it! She was so proud of herself I had to take a video. Unfortunately it's sideways because I always forget that about my phone, so I apologize for that. I really need to get a video camera. Here she is being really proud of herself!
She's obsessed with making this noise now, and it cracks me up!
I love her so much. :)

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