Sunday, June 12, 2011

Kaetana - 6 Months Old

6. Months. Old. I can't even take it. That's half a freaking year! I have no idea how this much time has passed already, because it feels like maybe a few months tops. Madness. And this month has been the best, and biggest, as far as change goes. She really is the most amazing little girl. And hilarious, let me tell you.
Like I said before, she has really changed a ton this month and it's definitely my favorite thus far. Her personality is really shining through and she's become the most hysterical person. She makes me laugh all day, every day, with her antics. She has also perfected the "army crawl" and is extremely mobile these days. I can't take my eyes off her for a second, and when I do she's suddenly somewhere crazy! I think she'll start crawling pretty soon!

This month Kaetana:
- is close to crawling
- eats solids 4-5 times a day
- has tried apple slices, strawberries and avocado (she loves them all)
- can sit unsupported for long stretches of time
- has been working on getting from a sitting position to a laying position, and vice versa
- started laughing (but it's still tough to get those giggles out of her!)
- is teething
- squeals and shrieks at everything
- has developed an intense case of separation anxiety with me!
We went to the doctor on the 8th for her 6 month well check, and she was just happy as a clam until her shots. Her pediatrician's office starts giving them a book at every visit now, so she was thrilled to pieces when they handed it to her. She is truly obsessed with books! Like mother, like daughter. :) As of right now, her stats are:
height - 25 3/4" (45th percentile)
weight - 16lb 11oz (62nd percentile)
I'm glad to see her going up in percentiles now. Before now she's always been in the low 30s, but this last growth spurt has bumped her up a lot! I think she'll be a small girl like me but hopefully a little bit taller. Short girls are so much cuter than tall amazon women, so that makes me happy!
We have been experimenting some with Baby Led Weaning, and so far it seems to be really productive. Kaetana loves trying new foods and is always happy and excited when we give her something to eat like a big girl. She is very interested in everything we eat and seems kind of offended when we give her purees (even though she still eats them enthusiastically!) Her favourites are definitely sweet potatoes and peas still though.
She didn't take her shots all that well this round, and for the entire day after she was fussy and upset. The next morning was worse when she woke up with a 101.5 degree fever! She got Tylenol every 4 hours, and stayed in the Moby Wrap the majority of the day asleep. Poor thing, but she is definitely a much happier camper now that it's passed.
 I am forever grateful that I have this little sweetie in my life. She is absolutely the best thing that's every happened to me, and I truly couldn't be happier with these past 6 months and am looking forward to the many more to come!

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  1. We've done baby-led solids too.

    She's getting so big! It'd be good to see you & Kaetana again!

  2. It's an interesting experience, haha. I need a book or something!
    Yes, it would, I have a new phone now but don't have any minutes. I'll shoot you a text one of these days when I do!


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