Monday, November 14, 2011

Growing up.

Two days ago, Kaetana started walking. Out of the blue, absolutely no warning. Now I'm sitting here watching her walk around the living room, stopping to pick things up and play, and I'm thrown in to this whirlwind of emotion. My baby isn't so much a baby anymore and it's a strange mix of panic, pride, sadness and elation going through me all at once. She'll be 1 in a few short weeks and I'm feeling a little lost as I venture in to this new stage of her life; from baby, to toddler. She's a little person these days with likes and dislikes, opinions on things, and a fierce attitude. She's beautiful and amazing and the smartest child ever (I'm convinced.) 
I know this will happen again and again in my/her lifetime, and I doubt it will ever get any easier. This is the cross I bear as a mother, I suppose. I just need to get used to it.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Kaetana - 11 Months

Oh, hi, remember me? No? I'm not surprised. It's been a while. And will remain to be a while because my computer is still broken and I'm just popping on to say hi, post a photo and tell you a little bit about Kaetana! :)
Thanks right, my little stinkbug is 11 months old! Has been, in fact, for about a week and it's CRAZY. She's suddenly doing all these new things and I'm kind of freaking out. She's pretty much a professional "cruiser" along furniture and whatnot now, and has started standing up on her own (without holding onto anything I mean) and it's awesome. She's really proud of herself every time she stands up and gets so excited most of the time she falls right back over haha. She has started doing this really adorable little dance every time any music comes on - always accompanied with a big grin - and is completely crazy about anything that makes her move. She is an eating machine, and is starting the transition away from formula and bottles. I'm a little nervous about taking her bottle away from her completely, so we're going to stall on that for a while. We haven't given her milk yet, either, because we're waiting to hear whether goat's milk is cool. I'm lactose intolerant and it would seem she is as well. Poo for her. Anyways - that's pretty much it at the moment. I'll try really hard to pop back at some point but I make no promises.