Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What She Wore v.1

I'm not stylish.
I don't have a closet full of super cute clothes I thrifted for a dollar,
and I don't wear amazing dresses all the time.
I wear jeans and whatever shirt looks clean on my floor.
I still don't fit in most of my pre-pregnancy clothes,
and until that happens I won't be posting any kind of style post about me.
But! Fear not, because I do have one very stylish (in my opinion) lady in my life 
and here she is what she wore yesterday:
What girl doesn't need a great pair of skinny jeans that makes her butt look that good?!
And, as always, we must promote the spread of peace.
Jeggings and Onesie: The Children's Place
Headband: Hobby Lobby
Oh, you also might have noticed that I watermarked these photos. I think I'm going to resume taking the extra step in editing and add it to all my photos again. It just feels better to me.

Spare a vote for that stylish lady up there?
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  1. wow that is cute. i envy the poeple that thrift amazing things for a dollar. i am not one of those people.

  2. Yeah, I just don't understand how people find such cute stuff! I go to thrift stores and only see a bunch of junk.

  3. Oh my goodness! So adorable!! I need to get some skinny jeans for my little girl. New follower btw! : )


  4. Hi, there! I got them at The Children's Place - they have them starting at 0-3 months!


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