Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Baby Wearing

I made a "Moby Wrap" today. It was the easiest process ever. All I had to do was drive to Hobby Lobby, find some Jersey Knit fabric, buy 5 yards of it (I wish I had only gotten 4. All 5 yards is too much for my short stature,) go home and cut it in half so it's approximately 25" wide. That's it! The knit means the cut edges curl not fray, so there's absolutely no sewing involved. Now I have 2 wraps, and I'm so beyond stoked about it.

We tried the "cradle hold" and she completely freaked out. She hated it so, so much. So I decided to try this "kangaroo hold" instead and she was perfectly content. She held her head up just fine, and when she got tired she just rested it on my chest. It looks like her little mouth and nose are covered too much in the photos but it was all good. I'm really happy I didn't have to spend all the money on a pre-made wrap when this was just so easy and so, so much cheaper.

So, if you're a new Momma or are about to be one, I highly suggest just doing this! ♥

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  1. So awesome! I know when I finally have a child of my own I want to do the wrap thing, and this is just awesome. So creative. Kudos girl. :-)


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