Monday, June 4, 2012


A few days ago at Trader Joe's - 
she waved and said 'hi' to everyone we passed! 
The expansion of Kaetana's vocabulary has been blowing my mind lately! It seems like she knows so many words these days, and a lot of them have taken shape within the last week or so actually. She finally got the hang of making the "y" or "ee" sound, which opened up her world as far as words go. Not everything she says is perfect, of course, but they're all real words and both she and we know what she's talking about. It's pretty exciting. Right now she can say:
- Mommy
- Daddy
- Kitty
- Puppy
- Book
- Cool
- Dude
- Whoa
- Hi
- Bye
- Ball
- Water (Wa-Wa)
- Shoes
- Juice
- Gma
- Papa
- More
- Banana
- Nana (How she says her name, ha)
- What
- No
- Dinner (Ninner)
- Bird
- Blue
- Purple
- Please
- Play &
- Two

That's 28 words! I'm so proud of my little love!

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