Sunday, June 24, 2012

Broken Arm

Yesterday, while I was at work, Kaetana fell off of a TINY chair and broke her little arm. My parents weren't sure it was broken, they thought she had sprained her wrist. She was playing normally after it happened, apparently, so they didn't worry too much. When I got home she was napping. She woke up a while later and when I went in to get her she kind of fell over and started crying after trying to push herself up. It was so, so sad. I ended up being worried enough to take her to urgent care where my worst fears were confirmed. She has a hairline fracture on her arm right above her wrist. Right now she's in a temporary splint, and on Thursday she will go in for a real cast. I so was not prepared for this to happen to her so young and it has really shaken me. I fear I'm going to become 'that mom' who shadows her child just in case she might fall/bump in to something/scrape her knee/hurt herself in any way. Of course today, she feels fine. It seems like the splint is more of a minor annoyance to her than anything else. I'm the one having serious issues with it. Sometimes, being a Mommy is really hard. :(
There she is waiting for the doctor, going home with her new splint and sporting the sweet sling I made her out of an old bandana. She also went and visited my Grandpa today so they could form the "Broken Arm Club" haha, poor things. I also put one of her Babylegs over the splint so she wouldn't try to pull it off. It's working beautifully and it's pretty darn cute too!


  1. Oh, poor kiddo! I'm glad she's doing okay, I'd be milking it if something like this happened to me! Little kids are amazing :)

  2. I'd be milking it too, but it doesn't even seem to phase her! Kids are so tough!


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