Monday, June 11, 2012

New obsession - custom paintings!

I found Missy's Portraits a long time ago via a giveaway on some blog.
I've wanted a painting ever since, but they're pretty expensive and I'm cheap.
In March, though, she did a half off thing all month so I snagged up an 11x14" for $100!
I was so, so excited when I sent her the photo I wanted to use and when I got it?
This lady has some legit talent, people.
Here's the painting I got.
Uh-mazing, amiright?
This was John's birthday gift, actually.
Kaetana is 3 months old, and wearing his favorite fuzzy hat.
I love it more than most things I own.
So, naturally, when I stumbled across another giveaway for a "mini portrait" (5x7)
I jumped right on that shit.
And won.
This is from my favorite photo of me and John.
It's Valentine's Day 2009.

I love these paintings so much, and know I'll cherish them forever.

**Disclaimer: I had no incentive to write this post and got nothing for it. I just wanted to share these paintings and the crazy talent behind them.


  1. wow! these are amazing! i want to get some done!

  2. They are pretty spectacular! I absolutely recommend getting one - her work is really beyond anything I've ever seen.


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