Thursday, June 21, 2012

High on Thrifting Thursday

I've had a ton of thrifting luck these past two weeks and have gotten some seriously legit stuff.
I have a couple things that aren't in this post, actually, that I have specific plans for so I'm saving them until I finish what I want to do! Here are a few of my fantastic finds:

Yes, I finally found a chalkboard!
I've been looking for ages for one, and got lucky because I found it on half off day. BAM.
Isn't this alphabet embroidery adorable? It's going in Kaetana's playroom!
I have been plans for the planters.

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  1. That alphabet embroidery is seriously amazing. Good find. And $2.50 for that chalkboard, I am impressed.

  2. It's so cool to think that someone actually took a lot of time to make that embroidered piece! Love it!

  3. I'm glad everyone appreciates the alphabet embroidery as much as me. I can just imagine some grandma sitting and making it for her grandkid. :)


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