Friday, June 15, 2012

Easy peasy Father's Day gift idea!

This is the gift I made John last year for Father's Day. 
It was such a huge hit, he and everyone else LOVED it. 
I think it's a pretty great last minute gift idea! 
Basically, I hung a black sheet in a corner and stuck her on it. 
It was simple because she was only 6 months old, and not crawling too much. 
I can't imagine doing this with her now - it would be crazy!
I got a wooden 'D' and an 'A' from Joann's (which I actually returned later, haha) 
and took about a thousand photos of her holding them. 
Then, I picked my favorites and stuck 'em together. 
I printed an 8x10 via Snapfish which only took a few days to ship to me.
The whole thing cost me maybe $3,
and it's definitely one of John's favorite gifts.

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