Monday, April 4, 2011

Rainbow Birthday Cake

John's 21st birthday is this Saturday, and I wanted to make him a cake because I don't think birthdays feel right without cake! The only problem is, we've got our day planned full - we're going to be going to Castles & Coasters in Phoenix in the morning/afternoon, then in the evening we'll be back in Prescott hitting up Whiskey Row so he and his friend (who turned 21 yesterday) can go bar hopping and get all kinds of trashed. My mom even agreed to watch the baby overnight (eek!) so I can go, too! It's going to be awesome.
Anyways! Because of that, I decided yesterday that I'd just make his cake then. So, I did. It turned out amazing!! I didn't get any photos of the actual baking process, because I was at my grandma's and forgot my camera :( But I got some of the finished project. It tasted great, too! Take a look:

Kaetana wanted some!!
My Grandpa (he's holding Kaetana in that photo up there) ended up giving her a taste of frosting - against my wishes, I might add! - and she liked it a lot. She was freaking out trying to get at the cake the entire time we were eating it. Oh, and the whole thing is GONE already. A bunch of piggies in my family, I swear. ♥

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  1. Greetings!! I'm stopping by from Top Baby Blogs. I have blog named after Beatles lyrics too! Your daughter is too cute. Have a great day!

  2. That cake looks amazing! Stopping in from UBP11! Your little girl is beautiful!
    Come see my blog when you can too!


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