Tuesday, April 12, 2011

John's Birthday

Saturday was a great day. It was John's 21st birthday, and although our plans of going to Phoenix to go to Castles & Coasters were ruined (it SNOWED the night before and all day Saturday) we made the best of it. John and his best friend Sonny went out at midnight and got really, ridiculously drunk so they were sick and unhappy all day but John sucked it up and we went out to eat and saw Arthur - which was awesome, btw. Kaetana spent the day and night over at my grandma's being watched by my mom. It was really strange being away from her but a welcome break regardless. We went out to the bars that night, and neither of us spent any money on drinks! Awesome. Also, Bria got to go into all the bars with us which was cool because she's only 18. Her mom is a bartender down at The Birdcage, though, so she pulled some strings. Anyways, that was our day. Here are some photos from the night. Please excuse the terribleness of them, because frankly I got too drunk to remember how to properly use my camera indoors in the dark without flash (and kept forgetting to use the flash anyways.) Oops!

Bria and Sonny

Birthday Boy!

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