Monday, April 11, 2011

Curse you, Mirena.

Let me just start off by saying I have to worst luck with birth controls. I have no idea why, but my body seems not to like them all that much since I turned 20. I got pregnant on the pill (not on purpose, as some would like to believe) and because I took it every day at the same time, 4 o'clock, without fail I decided that after I had Kaetana I would get the Mirena IUD implant. I thought it seemed like the best option as far as birth control goes. 5 years of not having to worry about taking anything? Okay.
Stupid, stupid.
At my 6 weeks postpartum checkup, I talked to my doctor about receiving it. We went through all of the side effects, dangers, and the probability of it failing/coming out/causing any other problems. After talking it through, we went ahead and put it in and I thought all was well. I had another checkup two weeks after the implantation, all looked well, bravo we're happy. Then, two weeks ago, I started having pain. Not severe, and it didn't worry me. Honestly I just thought I was going to get my period! This lasted until Wednesday. Then the stupid IUD came out. I was shocked! I knew it was possible, but not probable, and I really wasn't expecting that to happen at all. I had a scheduled appointment already, so I waited and went in today. Turns out, although it's rare for the thing to come out, if it does your chances of having another one stay are very low. Discussed my options for another kind of birth control (I really didn't want to get back on the pill, because of getting pregnant before) but unfortunately the other kinds aren't really an option for me because of the side-effects. So, here I sit, back on the pill and totally freaked out because I really, really, reeeeaaally don't want another baby right now. One is enough. (Especially since I still haven't found a job.)


Anyways. Tomorrow is Kaetana's 4 month well check, so I'll be back with her update then! And I still need to get around to posting all about John's birthday. It was a lot of fun.

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  1. IUDs always scare me just the way they look lol. Hopefully the pills work out better for you this time around though!!

  2. Yeah they look super creepy! I was definitely not happy that it came out. The pill better freaking work!!!

  3. Oh, man...that stinks!

    Have you considered Fertility Awareness (tracking basal temp and cervical fluid then abstaining during the fertle period - usu. a week). Well, you could use condoms during that time as well, but that's not technically Fertility Awareness. It takes some time to learn, but then it's simple and cheap. I'd chart a couple cycles to be familiar before using it as birth control. You can borrow the book if you're interested (Taking Charge of your Fertility).

  4. I honestly don't think I'm dedicated enough to do something like that! I'd probably end up screwing it up and getting pregnant again. :/


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