Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Car!!

Like this but with an awful, peeling paint job.
 For the past (almost) 2 years, I've been driving my Grandpa's old 1990 Oldsmobile Cutlass Calais named Floyd. Dear Floyd has done me, John and Kaetana very well but he just isn't a practical vehicle for our family anymore. Firstly because it's 2 door and it's a huge pain in the ass trying to get a car seat in and out of it. Second, there's absolutely no room for anything, and thirdly because it's kind of falling apart and I don't want to get trapped in a money pit. So, that being said, John and I decided that with part of our tax money we'd buy a new car.
We always figured we'd go find a private dealer and buy something from them, but when the time came (Tuesday, to be exact) we thought it would be nice to go check out a few of the dealerships in town to see what our options might be. We started with Prescott Honda and they were flat out rude to us. I do understand that we're young, and we don't necessarily look like the most reliable, responsible people but business is business in my opinion and I'm not sure why a car salesman wouldn't do everything he could to help someone buy a car from him. Don't they work on commission? 
Anyways, we left there sad and disappointed but decided to go try the used car section of Tim's. We got there and were greeted kindly but the nicest guy. He was super helpful, and listened to everything we said regarding down payment, and how John has no credit at all. We didn't bother mentioning me because I have the worst credit on the planet due to a poor decision to get a credit card when I turned 18. :) 
We drove around the lot of a while, looking at cars in our price range and nothing really jumped out at us. Mind you, we were basically topped out at $10,000 so that didn't leave us that many options to begin with. John found a Jeep that he liked a lot so we took it for a test drive but something seemed a little off about the back seat to me. I decided to try the car seat base in it, and lo and behind, it was waaayyy too narrow to have it in there! So, that option was out. John was bummed but it opened up an opportunity for me! I had seen this '03 Buick Rendezvous earlier in the day that I was interested in, but it was at the absolute top of our price range. We decided to see what we could do about it and our dealer (Mike) got working. He ended up finagling a slightly lower price, and lower monthly payments with a bigger down payment. We were so excited, and by 5 o'clock that afternoon we were the proud new owners of a new car! It's fantastic, so roomy, and definitely the nicest vehicle either of us has ever owned. Technically, it's John's car because he's the one who bought it but he's acknowledged the fact that I'll be using it most. It's totally my Mom Car.


  1. Such a nice car! Congrats! May it always take you to and fro safely. :-)

  2. Hi Mandy,
    This is a neat blog. It was interesting to hear about your car buying experience. I am glad you found what you wanted and needed. I will be checking in often.
    Sue, Nana or Great Grandma to Tana


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