Wednesday, February 9, 2011

2 month check-up

Kaetana had her 2 month check-up yesterday, and it was an interesting experience to say the least.

Firstly, they took her weight and measurements and we found out that she's actually really small. I thought she was super long because she busts out of her 0-3 month footies, but apparently for her age she's short? What sense does that make, clothing companies? The doctor said she is in the 21st percentile for both height and weight (I asked, it's not a problem since they're proportionate to each other) and in the 94th percentile for head size. HA! She does have a pretty giant head. : /

The doctor gave us a prescription for Baby Zantac because of her reflux issues. She spits up SOOOO much every single bottle, it's intense. We've decided to cut her back an ounce and feed her more often during the day (so far she's pissed about this) and she gets the medicine twice daily. I'm hoping it works!

She also got her shots. 3 of them(!) and an oral vaccine. She took the oral like a champ obviously, but she was so distraught about the actual shots. I had to hold her in my arms for them because she was so upset at the entire appointment. I just sat there and held her and tried to keep her calm when the nurse gave her the first shot. I felt Kaetana tense up, her face went red and then all of a sudden she was BAWLING. It was the saddest thing I've ever seen. I comforted her (it took a while) and once she was calm again, she got another in the other leg. And then another. I'm sure Kaetana hated me for that few minutes. I definitely teared up, but I had to hold my own and not cry. I think John did, though.

Here are a few photos of her from after we got home. We had to strip her down because she was roasting. So far she's been doing pretty well, but last night she was really upset and sore and would cry if anything touched her legs. We ended up making a hot pack with some socks and rice heated in the microwave. It seemed to soothe her and she fell asleep.

Oh, here's a photo of her and her Great-Great-Aunt Patty. I think it illustrates the size of her head fairly well. hahah

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