Thursday, November 4, 2010

This made me cry!

Okay, so this morning I was lurking the community over at Baby Center and a woman posted this link. The comments were all about how the article made them all weepy and stuff, so of course me being a hormonal pregnant lady had to go look. Well it made me all weepy and stuff, too.

I liked this because the woman handled the situation exactly as I hope to handle any similar situation I come across. Not that I hope to come across any kind of situation like that, but if you're aware of the world we live in, you know I probably will. Anyways, it sucks to know that some people can be so shitty and cruel, and it's a good reminder of what NOT to be.


  1. aww i loved that. thank you for posting!!

  2. oh yeah, this totally got to me too. and tons of others, which is so good to see. sure, she had so many awful comments in reply to her actions but also double the positive feed back...which is so encouraging to see!! i read this like three days ago and she had 37 comments or something? now, she has gotten over 35,000 i think...crazy.

    thanks for stopping by my blog! are you just getting SO excited for baby? not too much longer now!

  3. Yeah, after I posted this I noticed a huge amount of people posting it all over the place. I love it.

    I am sooo excited for her to come!


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