Monday, November 29, 2010

Oh, Christmas Tree...

As you can probably guess, I haven't had much to write about lately. Life has become quite boring as of late - and all I've really been doing is sitting around at home waiting to go in to labor. Not necessarily the most exciting way to spend your days. I'm just trying hard to focus on staying relaxed and letting nature take its course, seeing as how my due date is only 3 days away!! My doctor told me today that I haven't dilated any more (again) but I'm 70% effaced now. He is hoping I don't make it to Monday for my next appointment. :)

Anyways -- as I am sitting at home a lot doing nothing, I decided to put up the Christmas tree! John put it together for me a few nights ago, and I decorated it while he was at work the next day. We got new ornaments this year to make it a little brighter and more festive (last year it was black and purple) for Kaetana's very first Christmas. I am so, so excited it's not even funny. I want to get some non-ball ornaments for it, though. I am thinking of getting a custom "First Christmas" one for baby.

So, that's about all the update I have at the moment. Hopefully I'll be telling you aaaall about my new baby here really soon, but in the meantime sorry for being so lazy and inactive and I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving weekend. ♥

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