Tuesday, November 30, 2010

memory lane

I just signed in to my MySpace account for the first time in, I don't know, at least 6 months (probably more.) Shit's changed over there, I think they're trying to imitate Facebook, and it's not working. But! One good thing that came of me moseying over was I got to look through all the photos I have on there that I'd forgotten about! So many good ones. I was so happy about my little trip down memory lane that I decided to come over and share some really cool teenaged photos with you. :)

Trinity & John (emo flippy hair, say what?)
Ashley! Pink hair! Kittykat ears!
The weekend before I moved back from Mesa. Spent it with Kileen.
trip downtown with Steff, met some people, crucified Pooh Bear
smoking some special hookah with Moosen!
Ashley there for some moral support on a tattoo day
Me & Steff drunk and happy
John and Me <3
omg. I could literally put hundreds of super sweet old photos up here, but I realize that could get really obnoxious so I'll leave it at this. Plus it's waaaayyy past my bedtime (gotta get as much sleep in as possible because soon, you know I won't be getting any at all!) so I'm off to bed. Have a good night! ♥

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