Thursday, November 18, 2010

38wks & what Kaetana will look like?

<---- This is what Kaetana will look like, according to and all I can say is....what a forehead! 

So, today I hit 38 weeks and I'm getting more and more anxious! There are only 2 weeks 'til my due date left.
2. weeks. WHAT!

Not a whole lot has changed since last week, except that at my doctor's appointment yesterday he informed me that I had gone from being high and closed to 2cm dilated, and 50% effaced. Woo, progress! I really hope to have her next week, to be honest. Oh, I also tested positive for group b strep which is a bummer and kind of changes my labor plans. Basically I have to go in to the hospital a little earlier than we had originally wanted to make sure I get the proper dosage of antibiotics before the baby comes. I talked to my doula about it yesterday and she is confident that we can still labor at home for a decent amount of time before heading in, though, so that was reassuring. I just know it will help me immensely to be at my house during early labor. So much more comfortable, relaxing, and it will definitely help me avoid getting an epidural. I have all the faith in the world that I can do this pain medication free!!! As for after the baby comes, the doctor said we're going to have to stay an extra 24 hours for monitoring to make sure the baby didn't contract the infection (and to catch it if she does.) Chances are very slim that she will, so I'm not really worried. Especially if I get the antibiotics. It's something like 1 out of every 2,000 babies contract it, and the likelihood goes down even more when the mother gets the antibiotics. I'm definitely starting to feel the effects of this pregnancy really weighing me down. For starters I am a freaking house. I've never felt so huge in my life. If I had more energy I'd go take a photo to put up here, but I don't so I won't. I've also never peed so frequently in my life, which is saying something because I have a notoriously small bladder even when not pregnant. It's awful. I think I woke up 7 times last night between midnight and 9 this morning. I have also been having mega contractions while I'm in bed. The full moon is 3 days away, so maybe she'll make her appearance then! I heard that lots of babies are born on the full moon.

Okay, enough rambling for me. Have a lovely day! ♥


  1. Aww you're so close! I'm excited for you. I hope these last 2 weeks go smoothly for you. :)

    Little Sugar Monster

  2. Thanks, Jazmyn. I'm dying waiting! I really, reeeaaally want to meet this little girl!


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