Friday, August 20, 2010

Shower Invites!

I should start this out by saying that I hate surprises. I'm wayyy too impatient and bossy to just sit back and let people plan things without at least telling me what they're doing. This being said, I've kind of taken charge of planning my baby shower. Some people have said this is tacky, and that it makes it seem like I'm asking for gifts or whatever, but why would I want to go to a shower I'll have no fun at? That's my theory, at least. And as much as I love and adore my family, I probably wouldn't love everything they decided to do for it.

So, I've been working with my friend Cayla on the shower invites. She is the most amazing scrapbooker ever and is doing a fantastic job. She matched them to the bedding we chose for babyboo and they're seriously perfection. 

Isn't she the best? <3


  1. Cute invitations! Congratulations on your pregnancy! That is so wonderful. I love being pregnant!



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