Sunday, August 1, 2010

It's a.....

Last week, we found out we're having a baby girl. I truly could not be more excited - it's exactly what I was hoping for. I knew that I'd be thrilled with either outcome, as long as baby was healthy, but when the ultrasound tech said those wonderful words (ooh, it's a girl!) my heart burst with happiness. I was definitely hoping that would be the outcome. So now here we are preparing ourselves for the entrance of this sweet, sweet angel in to our lives. So fantastic.

I've had my baby girl name picked out for years. It was pretty difficult to convince John that this was definitely the name we should use, though. He really wasn't keen at first, but I think constant bugging wore him down and now he's all attached to it. Which is why I am veeerrryy excited to say that we've chosen... *drum roll* ... Kaetana Danielle! I am absolutely in love, and I can't wait to meet you. <3

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  1. Mandy You are amazing. You and John will be the greatest Mom and Dad. When I see you and John together, my heart feels so happy. gma


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