Thursday, August 26, 2010


We have been making some seriously legit progress in baby's room over the past couple of weeks and I'm super excited about it! It took all of about 2 hours for me and John's mom to clear out a huge amount of nonsense I've been hanging on to for a looong time and it felt great to finally get rid of it all. So, check it out.

We're moving the drum set out this weekend, and that crib is going to my grandma's house because we're getting a different one. So after that - all that's left to do is PAINT!! I'm so so sooooo excited about painting. We picked the best colors ever (light light pink and green) but I can't find any good examples online to show you. Trust me when I say they're adorable.

We decided to keep the dresser in the closet to save space because it's a pretty tiny room. The whole process is really starting to come together and my brain has been swimming with cute little ideas to decorate once we finally get all the big stuff together. It's times like this that I wish I was craftier than I am. Or at least owned a sewing machine so I could try! Etsy is probably going to be my new bff when it comes to finding really unique adorable items for my baby boo.

In other news, I'm 26 weeks today! Woo! So close to the 3rd trimester! I can't even wait to get this little girl out of me and in to my arms. But I guess it's cool if she stays in there for a few more months and puts the finishing touches on her cuteness.


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