Monday, March 14, 2011

Touch Up Tuesday

Getting started pretty late today on this, because Kaetana and I have been out with a friend of ours all day. Also, my camera needs new batteries and I keep forgetting to go buy more so you will all just have to deal with one of the photos I took of her the other day. :)



Let me just start by saying the lighting in my apartment totally blows, so I always have to adjust the levels to even things out. I would like to use the manual settings on the camera, but to be honest I can't remember what all the settings mean and do (oops) so I am planning on taking another photography class next semester because I haven't taken one since high school. Aaanyways, back to the photo. First I straightened it up a bit and cropped it, then as I said before, I adjusted the levels to even out the shadows and highlights then I had to go play with the saturation and warm it up a bit. After that, I went a liiiitle crazy back in levels until I got the faded but not really look I liked.

Not too difficult, and I think it's pretty cute. But that might just be the subject matter. ;) I'll be back in just a few with another photo for a weekly challenge I'm going to start participating in on Tuesdays! Those are a wild and crazy day over here on the ol' blog, it would seem. ♥

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