Sunday, March 6, 2011

3 months old!

Technically, Kaetana will be 3 months old tomorrow but as we have a ton of plans then, I decided to just do her little photo shoot this afternoon instead. Doesn't make any difference, really. She has gotten so, so big and it blows my mind. She's still small by comparison to other babies I've seen her age. Especially Henry, Danielle's son! He's so much bigger than her, and I only saw him in his carseat.

She's officially grown out of her newborn clothes, and that makes me a little sad because some of those were retarded cute. She fits comfortably in her 0-3 month stuff (except Walmart's Garanimals brand. They're so wide.) and is in some of her 3 month sized stuff. She also just got big enough to wear her first pair of shoes. Before now, her feet were waaay too small, even for the newborn ones. I'm pretty excited about it, but won't be putting her in them often because they seemed to piss her off a lot.

Developmentally, she's doing really well! She loves her activity gym, and can grab all the toys now. She has a few favourites, and goes for them first. It's so precious to watch her grab them, then pull them in to her mouth. She chews on everything!! It's insane. Every time I pick her up she starts gnawing on my shoulder. I feel like I'm always covered in drool. Oh, she still hates tummy time, though. :( I put her on her tummy for a few minutes several times a day and she just lays there face down and cries. I've tried everything I can think of to distract her - propping her up on her boppy, putting a hand mirror in front of her, having her look at her toys. She hates it all and throws a fit. She can't lift her head up while straight on her tummy yet, but I am just going to give it time. At her 2 month appointment the doctor told me she was in the 95% for head size, so that's probably why. It's heavy. :) She also talks all the time, gets distracted by the television waaay too much (I've been keeping it off for the most part now because of it) and loves to be carried facing out so she can see everything. She smiles at her favourite toys, is obsessed with a stuffed kittykat, and loves being read to. She's started hanging out her in her crib a couple times a day to try and get her used to it, but I suck and keep forgetting to put her down for her naps in there. Oops. Besides sucking at tummy time, she's doing great at everything else. She can sit in her Bumbo for a few minutes at a time, and is getting really good at sitting up in general. She has excellent balance, but always tends to lean to the right for some reason. haha.

I guess that's all that's going on with her at the moment. She's learning so much, and growing immensely each and every day. She is truly the light, and love, of my life. And now here for some photos from today, check out her adorable shorts and shoes!
Have a wonderful day, everyone!
See you later. ♥

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