Monday, March 21, 2011

DIY Paper Fan Banners

I found this project online quite a while ago, and wanted to do it for baby's room but couldn't find the original tutorial so I had to do it by memory. I think it turned out pretty cute, so I thought I'd post it on here for you all in case you think so, too! So here ya go:

First off you'll need some scrapbook paper, double sided tape, thread, ribbon and some scissors.

Take a piece of paper and cut it in half, length-wise.

Take each half and fold it accordion style, then using the tape stick them together.

Take some thread (that matches your paper) and tie the center to secure it.

Now tape up the other sides so it forms a circle.

Add some ribbon to the back so you can hang it (I just taped it on but I imagine punching a hold in the back and threading the ribbon would be better.) and then just tie it to another piece to hang! Super easy.

I added the owl stickers to tie them into the theme of Kaetana's room.
 Also, I suggest hanging your horizontal ribbon up before you tie the fan to it so you can make sure you hang them evenly.
What do you think? ♥

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  1. OMG. These are too cute! I saw them on Trendy Treehouse & they just stood out to me... Hopefully I'll try to make one of these soon. Thanks for the idea.
    PS: I'm following your blog too now. Yay!


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