Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Touch Up Tuesday V.1

Hello! Welcome to my new weekly feature, Touch Up Tuesday! I do a lot of photo editing, whether it be for myself, or others. I'm not anything to be jealous of, that's for sure, but I don't think I do too bad a job. And it's fun. :) Also, I don't have photoshop. I want it eventually, but it's expensive and complicated and I don't have time to learn it at the moment. Sooo I use Picnik. It's a super easy, online editing website that you can use for free or, if you choose (like I do) you can pay and have access to some more advanced editing tools. Which is another reason I say don't be too impressed, haha, you could probably do a better job than I do at editing any of these photos.
This should be a good way for me to remember to TAKE PICTURES, though. ♥

Well, here goes.



Nothing too fancy here for the first installment. Basically, I adjusted the exposure and contrast levels then went and adjusted the curves until I got a look I liked. You could achieve a similar color effect by clicking on the "Cross Process" effect option. I try to do things more complicated, though. :)

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