Thursday, July 12, 2012

High on Thrifting Thursday

Once again, I thrifted too often and bought way too many things. 
They're all pretty amazing, though, so I'm not too torn up about it. See for yourself:
 Seriously with this rug? Seriously!? It's 3'x5' which is pretty amazing, and Kaetana LOVES it.
 For the record, that cradle was bought at Goodwill on Dollar Thursday. I think it was originally like $10 or something. Also I'm obsessed with those embroidered wall hangings. Can you tell?
 I've been on the hunt for a Maio print forever. I was so excited to find this. And the crochet granny square blanket is the perfect size for underneath Tana's teepee. It's so soft, too.
Those curtains were originally marked $26 for both panels but I had a fit and talked them down. Because I'm cheap like that. And that colander is the exact shade of my kitchen, which I love.

Altogether, another amazing couple of weeks in thrift-land.
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  1. Oh! That Maio print is darling! And I LOVE the teepee and the quilt under it. :)

  2. i cannot even begin to talk about the level of awesomeness pictured here! that rug! that print! well done, lady. truly amazing scores! {apologies for all the exclaimation marks but i am trule excited over these finds.}

  3. Ha, thanks ladies. @Chrissy, I absolutely agree -- it was a pretty wonderful couple of weeks in thrift-land. :)

  4. i couldn't resist sharing. hope you don't mind.

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