Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Cast on, Cast off.

This sweet lady got her cast off today! I've been so excited all week, anticipating her finally having her little arm back to herself. We popped over to the orthopedist's office this afternoon and got it removed, which incidentally was so scary for me! They used this rotary saw thing and I was terrified - I couldn't even watch! Kaetana on the other hand didn't bat an eye at it. She just stared at her arm in awe. What a trooper. 

Aaanyways, they removed the cast and xrayed her arm again just to make sure everything healed up nicely, which of course it did. So we're in the clear! I told her no more broken bones until she at least reaches double digits. I just can't handle this stress again any time soon (if ever.) The best part of the day was her getting to take a real bath again -- one without a bag taped to her arm I mean. She splashed around for about 30 minutes and then passed the eff out right after. Altogether, a pretty wonderful and exciting day. :)


  1. Hi there, I saw you pretty photos on jux and got to your blog.
    Your daughter is super cute :)!
    Happy to hear she's feeling good and that she can splash around with both hands again :).

  2. Thank you! We're pretty happy too. :)


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