Friday, August 26, 2011

What's On My Phone

Now that I've finally got a cellphone again, I find myself obsessively using it to take pictures. I downloaded My Tubo which is the best photo app I could find for my phone, and am enjoying playing around with all the filters and stuff too! Anyways, here's my week according to my cell phone (from left to right):

good morning!; figuring out her blocks; iced coffee is the best; straightened my hair for the first time in months (excuse the retarded look on my face); new bow from the dollar store!; raining through the blue skies; bored in bed; my love; mario kart on the wii; the boys; my bite tattoo freaked out the doctor; kisses from aunt holly; snack time; new exersauser; cheeto puffs are delicious; another new bow

You can probably expect many more of these posts, and if you follow me on Twitter I'm sure you've already noticed the increase in photo posts. Whoops! :) Oh and I'll be back soon with a post about Kaetana's awesome new walking skills! (With a video!) <3

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