Saturday, August 6, 2011

Turkey Dinner

Day before yesterday, Kaetana got her first taste of meat in the form of Sprout's Organic Holiday Vegetable Dinner with Roasted Turkey. I have been hesitant to buy any kind of meat dish for her because I'm not a huge fan of pre-cooked, pre-packed meat in general, so why would I give it to my baby? I've been making sure she got her protein elsewhere up until now. Anyways - she freaking LOVED this baby food. Love, love, looooved. I will probably keep buying the meals like this since we still get baby food from WIC and that pretty much covers the basic fruits and veggies. I'm really glad I found this product, and I like that Tyler Florence is the one who started it, and makes the recipes. He's one of my favorite food network people!
Here's a video of her enjoying her meal. Can you tell she liked it? :)

I'll be back tomorrow with her 8 month(!) update.

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