Friday, August 5, 2011

I figured out the problem.

Well, it would seem that I've figured out the issue with my blog photos, and I'm incredibly annoyed! John talked me in to joining Google+ and while I was dinkin around over there I discovered that there were like a million photos on there that I didn't want. So, I deleted them. Sounds pretty sensible, right? Well, apparently, when I joined stupid G+ they automatically became my photo host for my blog. Deleting the photos = deleting them from here. I'd like to know WHY THE HELL there would be no mention of that? And why, oh why, did I join that stupid website? It doesn't even make any sense and is retarded. I'm deleting it, and for the next few days will dive head first in to fixing my blog (a.k.a re-uploading the bajillion photos on here, if I can remember what they were.) If I can't fix it, it's likely I'll start anew at another blog. We'll see.


  1. Wow! That is so strange that it would do that!

  2. When I joined google+ it had all my blogger photos in one album. Since google owns blogger it just stored the photos from your blog to your google account. I could tell they were photos specifically from my blog because it had my header image or my icon etc so I just left them in a private album. I'm so sorry you deleted them :(

  3. Yeeaaah, but I'm retarded! haha I feel so dumb for deleting them. :( Now I'm going through my blog page by page and trying really hard to re-upload the photos. So obnoxious.


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