Sunday, August 7, 2011

Kaetana - 8 Months

Today Kaetana turns 8 months old and my mind is, once again, blown.
Every day is such an adventure with her, and she is learning so many things so quickly that sometimes I feel like I can't even keep up. She's very smart (maybe I'm just biased, but I swear she's a genius) and picks up on things really fast. She's more hilarious than ever these days, which I honestly didn't even think was possible, but it's like she does stuff to try to make us laugh. She taught herself to make the sound that Indians always make in movies. Ya know, the one where they yell and pat their hands over their mouths at the same time? Yeah, that one. She does it with her forearm and it's freakin' hysterical. She'll do it anywhere, and to anyone. Super funny when she startles old folks in line at the grocery store with it (she's loud.)
This month Kaetana:

- Mastered crawling, and is extremely fast these days
- Can sit herself up from a laying position 
- Is pulling up to standing on, and walking along, furniture
- Waves Hello and Goodbye 
- Started walking as long as we're holding her hands
- Started eating meat meals, but only the Sprouts Organic brand!
- Is less interested in the television (which is probably a good thing!) 
- Still has just two teeth
Another new thing Kaetana started this past month is throwing tantrums! She totally flips her shit when she doesn't get her way, like if we take away a cord from her (for some reason she's obsessed with them!) or leave the room when she doesn't want us to. It's kind of funny and I sometimes have a really hard time not laughing at her when she does it. She just starts fake crying and a few minutes in to the tantrum she'll stop and see if anyone's paying attention. If we are, she'll keep going but if we aren't she'll stop and get on with her life. It's so ridiculous! I didn't think she'd start throwing tantrums for another couple months but I'm sure they'll only get worse with time haha.
Well that's it for now! Next month she'll have her 9 month well check so I'll have stats to share with you and such. I'll also be back tomorrow (hopefully) with a post about our little trip downtown we took today! Which, by the way, will have photos very similar to this post because I just took these from today haha.

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  1. She is just gorgeous! I swear her and my little Aubrey are long lost relatives or something. They remind me a lot of each other. Aubrey just turned 4 months this week! Time is flying!


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