Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Mommy thing.

I've given up on the photo challenge because I lost the list that I was going off of, and I don't really like the ones I found via Google. haha

So now I'm going to start this Mommy one, and put the list here so I can't lose it! I like this better anyways. :)

Day 1. Your FAVORITE picture of your little one.
Day 2. A picture of you and your little one.
Day 3. How old is your baby?!
Day 4. Your favorite memory so far of being a mama!
Day 5. A picture of you pregnant!
Day 6. How,Where,When,Who,Reaction,Why- When you found out you were expecting!
Day 7. What is your baby’s birthday?
Day 8. A family picture!
Day 9. How long was your labor? Who was in the room? Did your water break or were you induced? Natural-Epidural?
Day 10. What is your favorite personality trait your baby has developed??
Day 11. Your Baby’s name, and how you came up with it?
Day 12. What is your favorite thing about being a mama?
Day 13. What major milestones has your little one accomplished so far?
Day 14. What are your hopes and dreams for your baby?
Day 15. Who was the first person you told you were pregnant?
Day 16. What color are your baby’s eyes?
Day 17. What’s up with your baby’s father?
Day 18. How far along were you when you gave birth?
Day 19. What is your baby doing right now??

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