Monday, December 20, 2010

little update

I think Kaetana miiiight be getting a little cold or something. She's all stuffy and her poor little voice is kinda scratchy. Luckily, we have her 2 week pediatrician appointment tomorrow so they'll be able to tell me for sure and we'll be able to do something about it! I feel so bad, she's all miserable and cried for hours this afternoon before she finally passed out.

We've been having some issues over the past week or so because she stopped gaining weight and instead started losing it! She went an entire day without eating anything, and didn't have any dirty diapers at all. We ended up taking her to the pediatrician that night to have her checked out and they made us start supplementing her feeds with formula. She did well on it for a few days, but now she doesn't seem to like it and has started to refuse to drink it. Now today she hasn't had a poop at all which is probably not helping her overall fussiness and unhappiness. I'd be more worried if it wasn't for the doctor tomorrow, because they'll be able to tell me what I should do! It just makes me so sad to not be able to do anything to help her feel better. :(

I guess other than that, everything has been going really well. She'll be 2 weeks old tomorrow and I can't believe it's already been that long. This month is already absolutely flying by! Christmas is in less than a week, and before we know it she's going to be hitting the 1 month mark. It's absolute madness. I already see so much growth and change in her as compared to her first few days in the World. She seems a lot more alert, and although she still isn't quite able to focus on most things, I have a sense that she is a lot more aware of her surroundings. She holds on to her pacifier, and yesterday she pulled it out and then stuck it back in. It was weird. She almost never has her little hands in fists, either, which I thought was something all little little babies did for a while. She really seems to enjoy having her fingers all stretched out instead because she can grab on to things! Which she does in abundance. :)

She also loves The Beatles. Most of the time when she's being really fussy for no reason I can figure out, I'll put them on and sing to her and she calms right down. She especially loves the song Yesterday. It's her favourite, probably because it's so calm.

Well, now that I've written all this she's starting to stir and it's looking like time for me to go hold an upset little girl for a while. I hope everyone is having a wonderful December, and has the best Holiday ever! ♥

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  1. Mandy i enjoy your writing. GREAT WRITER you are!
    Thanks for the blog, this way I'll keep up with everything going on with Kaetana!!!
    I pray she will be better soon! Good thing she'll see doc tomorrow!
    I always HIGHLY recommend goat's milk next to mama's!

    My kids grew up on it right after breast feeding and it did them well.



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