Monday, December 20, 2010

30 Day Photo Challenge

So, a lot of random people keep doing this and I thought I could join because it's not like I ever blog anyways and maybe this will get me back in to the habit of it. Though, I highly doubt I'll actually get on here every day to do this, so it'll be 30 days spread out over much more than 30 days Challenge, I'm sure. :)

Day One: A Photo of You Today

Super classy webcam photo taken on the couch while the baby sleeps.


  1. This is a cute idea! How do you know what type of picture to post each day? Or do you just post a picture of yourself every day?

  2. I found a list somewhere online, but I can't find it right now because it's buried in my computer files!! You can just google "30 day photo challenge" and you'll find a few different versions. :)


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