Tuesday, December 28, 2010

3 week weight check

Today I took Kaetana to the pediatrician for another weight check, and was met with the pleasant news that she's gained 8 ounces! Now she's at 7lb 12oz, just over her birth weight. I'm feeling pretty validated in my decision to switch to exclusive formula feeding, and am very happy to see her finally putting on weight. She's definitely still a skinny little thing, but I'm seeing a little bit of chunkiness added to it!! It's adorable. :)

She's also becoming a lot more alert, and I am loving it. She doesn't sleep as much during the day anymore (though she still sleeps A TON) and I absolutely love watching her look around all wide eyed. It's like my favourite thing. She goes all cross eyed when she looks at me and I've been told it's because she's trying to focus on my face. Seriously cute.

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  1. So happy to hear she's putting on weight! Kudos to Mommy and baby! :-)


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