Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Mama Must Haves v.1

Hello, and welcome to a new weekly feature here on Smiles Awake You - Mama Must Haves! I get asked a surprising amount what I consider a "must have" as far as baby stuff goes, so I thought it would be fun to post one up on here every week. These items will range anywhere from practical items to fun toys and accessories I like. I'll post the item and a small description of it, then tell you why I like and suggest it! Hope you enjoy! ♥

Must Have #1: Freezable Gel Teethers
I'm sure most mamas know what these are, and how they work, so I don't really feel much need to get in to it too much. Basically they're rubbery shapes that usually have different textures on them, filled with gel that is freezable. And they are a god send when you have a teething baby, let me tell you. I have that pink flower one pictured up there, along with a few others, and am constantly pulling one from the freezer and putting the other one in. It's insane. Kaetana gets really excited when I bring one to her, and the cold doesn't bother her hands really. She sucks and chews on them 'til they're warm and then cries for another. It's a great way to stay away from stuff like orajel (which we've used before) and still ease the pain of a cutting tooth.

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