Saturday, March 10, 2012

Thrifty Finds

Kinda hit the jackpot today at our local Goodwill's 'half off Saturday' sale.

I work at a waffle house right next to this particular thrift store, so I frequent it often (hey, you can't find anything cool if you never go right?) but pretty much stick to the kid's stuff. I'm still not a huge fan of sifting through all the junk in the hopes of finding a few treasures but it seems funner when I'm looking at things for Kaetana. Anyways, every other Saturday everything in the store is 50% off which is awesome so I always make sure to pop over after work and today I'm extra glad I did. I ended up scoring all the stuff in the photos below for $13 which is amazing! 
Crop top & skirt set: $2.50 // Floral Dress: $1.50 // White eyelet shirt: $1.50 // Vintage skirt: $1
  Cupie Doll: $1 // Babar car toy: $1.50 // Vintage 1966 Fisher Price toys: $3.50 together
(I showed the Fisher Price toys to my mom and she had them when she was little! How fun is that?)
She's just too cute!
 The sweetest little print (on a greeting card) to frame for Kaetana's room: $0.50
The back read:
 It was in a janky old frame that I removed after I got home.
It made me happy to read this, and know it was loved by another little girl so long ago!
(3 years before I was even born, I might add!)

All in all, I'd call it one of my more successful trips to the thrift. Normally I hit up the kid's books but didn't have the time this afternoon. I will be posting about some of the awesome books I've found for Kaetana in the near future!


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