Monday, March 26, 2012


Reading Cinderella this morning.
 Loving: the hour and a half of 'me' time I get every Monday night - after Kaetana goes to sleep, and before John gets home from work. It really is such a relaxing time and I cherish every minute!

Thinking about: how I really want/need to paint our kitchen but haven't the motivation to actually do it! It's going to look a million times better once I get in there and get it done. I am happy, however, because we got the curtains hung in the dining room/over the kitchen window today. It looks a lot better in there already!

Anticipating: going to see The Hunger Games tomorrow evening! John's mom is coming over to watch Kaetana and we're going out for a little dinner and a movie date. I love family time, of course, but having the opportunity to go out and just be with each other is pretty great too.

Listening to: The Regular Show on the television. haha.

Eating: leftover salsa chicken from last night. It's a crockpot recipe, stupid easy and delicious.

Wishing: We had the funds and time to go to California for Easter to see some of John's family. They're all awesome people, we love them a ton!

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