Friday, March 9, 2012

A new friend.

I am so happy to announce that we are back, baby! We bought a new computer a few weeks ago and got our internet hooked up the other day. I'm so happy and excited to get back in the swing of things here and am looking forward to giving this little blog of mine a whole new look soon. I've got plenty to update on, including Keatana's birthday post (3 months late!) and just random whatnots that have been happening in our lives. Including a new addition to our family!  

No, not a baby. Meet Peter, Kaetana's new BFF:

This is a serious match made in heaven right here. Kaetana has been in love since day one, of course, but it took Peter a little while longer to warm up to her and her craziness. She yells, "CAH CAH!" which is her adorable way of saying 'kitty' since she hasn't quite mastered the 'y' sound yet haha. He's just the best little friend to her and it makes me really happy to see the joy on her face every time he's anywhere near her.


  1. Yay!! Also I'm interested as to how Kaetana grows with the cat. When we move we'd like to get on but Alyson is already so rough with our dogs, I'm just not sure if it would be a good idea lol.

    Love, Jazmyn

  2. I'll make sure to do little updates on how they're getting along haha, so far it's all good! She's already figuring out that she can't be super loud around him or he runs away


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