Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Lately, all signs point to me beginning that lovely stage in pregnancy called nesting. I didn't even realize that's what was going on until a momma friend of mine pointed it out today, but it makes sense! I have become obsessed with cleaning my house. Today, I spent almost 4 hours DEEP CLEANING my kitchen. If I wasn't 34 weeks pregnant, I'm sure it wouldn't have taken me that long, but I kept having to take breaks. And tomorrow, I plan on cleaning my bathroom in the same fashion, because it's killing my soul every time I walk in there. It's clean, but not clean enough apparently. :)

In other news, the weather here has gotten so nice over the past week, and I'm so so excited about it. It was all dark and gloomy and (to non-pregnant people, I'm sure) cold out today. I spent the afternoon with all my windows open loving the crisp, fresh air coming in and blasting some sweet tunes while I cleaned. It's extra great because the closer it gets to winter, the closer I get to meeting my sweet baby girl! She's going to be the best baby, I'm sure of it. ♥

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