Thursday, October 14, 2010

33 Weeks

So, I haven't been posting on here lately because nobody reads it. Ha! I've decided, though, that it doesn't matter if anyone reads it because I actually enjoy writing these posts and it's nice to think I'll be able to look back on them later and remember all the things I'll have most likely forgotten. So I'm back. :)


Today is the start of my 33rd week of pregnancy. It blows my mind how fast this pregnancy is going by, and I know that even with all the complaining I do about hating being pregnant, I'm going to miss it if only just a tiny bit. I mean, how could I not? Sure it's no fun having constant back pain and not being able to get up off the couch or out of bed without huffing and puffing like a big fat walrus, but I will never be closer to this girl than I am now. I'm trying not to take this for granted.

With only 7 weeks left until my due date, things are starting to feel really crazy to me. My and John's baby shower is this upcoming Saturday and we're really looking forward to seeing everyone there, and celebrating this little life we've created. The gift part won't be so bad, either, because let me tell you -- we have almost nothing practical for her! I wish I could go back in time and tell myself to knock off buying all those cute little decorations for her room. Because now, while she does have the world's cutest nursery (in my opinion), we can't afford to go buy all the functional stuff. Soo, here's hopin' we get that kind of thing on Saturday!

John and I went to our first class at the new Birthing Center on Tuesday, and it was pretty interesting. They talked about the pain of labor. Which I've gone over extensively with Laura (our doula) now and I think I'm getting kind of, sort of prepared for. (Not really). I'm still very determined to do this without pain medication. I know a lot of people think that stupid, but not me! I can't justify pumping my body full of painkillers to deaden something that I need to be feeling. I hate the argument 'why go through unnecessary pain?' because I don't think that labor pain is unnecessary! It's gonna freakin' SUCK, though.

Little Kaetana is still doing great, and is right on track growth-wise. We found out yesterday at our bi-weekly doctor's appointment that after our next one in 2 weeks, we're going to be going in every week! I can't believe that's already upon us. It seems like just a few weeks ago I was sitting at my old job reading all about how my baby was like, a quarter of an inch long and starting to form limbs. Now she's almost 5 pounds and will be ready to enter the world soon, soon, soon. CRAZINESS.

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